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The 20 Best Companies to Work for in Denver

Work/life balance is one of the first things employees look for in a company —and it’s especially true for Denverites. Heading outdoors, volunteeropportunities and events are all important to Denverites, and local companieshave heard them loud and clear, competing to be the best companies to work forin Colorado.Many Denver-based companies offer great training programs, inclusive officecultures, paid time off to volunteer, happy hours, and other employee perks. Ahappy employee is a productive employee, and after all, what’s the point ofliving in a great city if you can’t enjoy it? That’s why we launched ourcampus in the RiNo District: to help teach residents of Denver softwareengineering so they can change their careers and their lives.To find the best companies for in Denver, we’ve reviewed Glassdoor’s BestPlaces to Work, the Denver Post’s Top Workplaces, Fortune’s 100 Best Companiesto Work For feature, and Built in Colorado’s The Best Places to Work.Combined, these publications have evaluated thousands of employee surveyresponses, reviews, and benefits. Each list rates employee satisfaction,growth opportunities, office culture, work/life balance, charitableinitiatives, leadership approval, employee benefits, office perks, salary, andmore to pinpoint the best employers in Colorado. If you’re looking for a greatcareer alongside a great work/life balance and working environment, here arethe best places to work in Denver.CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/) * Inclusive office culture * Healthcare initiatives * Employee benefitsREI’s celebration of the outdoors also extends to its employees. Employeeperks include paid time off to go outside and discount programs. They alsoprovide no-cost access for supporting families with children who havedevelopmental disorders, making them one of the top companies to work for inDenver. * Charitable programs * Work-life balance * Employee benefitsBaird prides itself on giving back to its employees. As one of the mostsuccessful companies in downtown Denver, you can expect an inclusive officeculture, paid time off to volunteer, and free financial advice. * Employee-owned company * Growth opportunities * Onsite amenitiesBurns & McDonnell employees are invested in the success of the company becausethey own a piece of it. The company also helps its employees’ careerdevelopment through extensive training opportunities — making it one of thetop companies to work for in Colorado. * Office culture * Innovative company * Growth opportunitiesEmployees love Zoom’s office culture. The office culture focuses on growth,innovation, and empowerment. And not only that, they make a fantastic product— Zoom is widely considered one of the best software companies in denver.via Wikimedia Commons * Employee perks * Equity * Work/life balanceSendGrid employees enjoy free lunch daily and an annual meeting in Cabo.Beyond the perks, employees rave about the office culture and the CEO. Notonly that, it’s one of the top companies headquartered in Denver. * Smart colleagues * Benefits package * Office cultureSAP employees have the flexibility to work from home in Colorado whenever.Even with this remote flexibility, employees say SAP has a collaborativeculture where smart colleagues work together to solve problems. * Unlimited vacation * Transparency * Volunteer programsSalesforce is one of the truly big companies in Denver, with employees acrossthe world believe in the company and its mission. Employee benefits include anunlimited vacation policy and numerous volunteer opportunities. * Educational programs * Inclusive culture * Employee empowermentPower Home Remodeling employees say they get the training they need tosucceed. Employees also enjoy ping pong, shuffleboard, and video games in theoffice. * Office culture * Supportive leadership * Work/life balanceAcademy Mortgage employees say they work in a supportive environment with anemphasis on work/life balance. Despite being a national company and one of thelargest employers in Denver, individual Academy Mortgage offices have plentyof autonomy and freedom to innovate.Fast Enterprises employees have their healthcare premiums 100% covered by thecompany. Other perks include an annual meeting in a unique location. Afterworking with this Denver-based company for four years, employees get a month’sworth of yearly vacation. * Health initiatives * Volunteer programs * Empowered employeesBreckenridge employees get three paid days off to volunteer. Employees alsofeel empowered, noting management’s focus on recognition for quality work. * Growth opportunities * Flexibility * Ownership opportunitiesEdward Jones employees can become limited partners in the company and takepart in the company’s profit sharing program. Other benefits include bonusopportunities, flexible work schedule, and training opportunities. * Collaborative culture * Growth opportunities * Innovative companyVMWare employees say they work with talented colleagues in a collaborative(and beautiful) environment. Employee benefits include training and growthopportunities in an innovative company.Leadership at Madison & Company Properties focus heavily on empowered theirbrokers. Brokers say new ideas are always supported and colleagues constantlycollaborate to help the company grow.Employees enjoy Gusto’s fun, open office culture where going to work doesn’tfeel like a chore. More perks include a roundtrip ticket to anywhere after anemployee’s one-year anniversary — and plenty of snacks. * Inclusive culture * Training opportunities * Woman-owned businessPorchLight employees love the company’s inclusive culture. The company alsohas an in-house education program for career development and personal growth. * Office culture * Employee perks * Volunteer programsChoozle employees enjoy company retreats, catered lunches, and a pet-friendlyoffice. Other perks include volunteer programs and a yearly conferencestipend. * Employee perks * Onsite gym * Growth opportunitiesXactly Corp employees can stay fit by enjoying the onsite gym and varioushealthy snacks. There are also happy hours, company outings, and a flexiblework schedule. * Work/life balance * Healthcare coverage * Training opportunitiesIbotta employees enjoy unlimited vacation days and fully-covered healthcarepremiums. Other benefits include paid time off for volunteer programs, happyhours, and equity. * Company outings * Employee perks * Work/life balanceXero employees enjoy free breakfast and lunch once a week and a well-stockedsnack selection. Employee benefits include a relaxed office culture thatincludes a game room and Friday happy hours — making it one of the coolestjobs in Denver.This is just a small sampling of the incredible companies and startups inDenver and some of the best Colorado companies to work for. The city’s agrowing tech hub that embraces inclusivity and a quality work/life balance.Just ask our alumni.5 Great Reasons to Consider a Job in TechWhen I was in business school, all of my classmates dreamed of working asinvestment bankers, consultants, accountants, and brand managers for thebiggest names in finance and marketing.And I had to ask—is it some sort of insider secret that a lot of the awesomejobs out there actually aren’t behind the walls of a bank or internationalconsultancy?Over the past few years, I’ve immersed myself in startups and tech. And I haveto say—some of the coolest companies I know are almost entirely off the radarof traditional career centers and job fairs (unless—maybe—if you’re graduatingfrom the Computer Science department).Of course the big names come to mind—Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter—butthere are tons of equally cool companies that just aren’t yet as visible inthe hiring market. Think Zynga, Zappos, Airbnb, Dropbox, Freshbooks, Shopify,Tumblr, Birchbox, and Klout, to name a few.Many of these companies are incredible places to work. In fact, they’reraising the bar for what’s expected of employers everywhere. So here’s myadvice: If you really want to find your dream job, look at tech. Here are fivereasons why.

2. You’ll Work Somewhere That (Really) Values Culture

Sure, there are the tangible perks: Many tech companies offer free food,massages, paid volunteer time, company retreats, casual dress codes, and on-site espresso. And while that’s all awesome (seriously), a company that reallycares about culture goes deeper than perks—it has a pervasive attitude thatmaking the office a good place for employees matters. In my experience,companies in tech make employee happiness a priority more often and in moreways than any other industry I’ve been in.Take Zappos, which is known for its quirky, fun work environment. After a two-week incubation process, new hires are offered the position—or a couplethousand dollars to quit immediately. This ensures that everyone is there forthe right reasons, and you can tell that when you walk through the door. (Youcan check it out for yourself: Zappos offers free tours.)

4. It’s a Meritocracy

In many work environments, seniority—or worse yet, age—trumps merit. Butcompanies that have a CEO who’s in his late 20s or who employ a CTO whofounded her first company before leaving college usually have a culture thatvalues what you do, not the number of years on your resume. And you’re a wholelot more likely to find that in tech than just about anywhere else.

Why Company Culture Matters

Your company culture is your foundation. It shapes the behaviors you want tosee day-to-day in your employees. Without it, turnover will rise and employeeswill quickly disengage from their jobs. These trusted consultants can help yourefine your company culture or build it from the bottom-up.

2. Professional Development

Employers want their employees to feel excited and passionate about what theyare doing. Engaged employees means a smaller turnover rate. To encouragepersonal and professional growth, companies such as Markitors offer lunch-and-learn workshops with professionals from a variety of fields. Monthly speakersoffer insight on topics like retirement, work-life balance, and managingbenefits.

3. Financial Opportunities

Beyond vision, dental, or health insurance, tech companies like Vixxo spoiltheir employees with financial opportunities. Financial perks such as 401(k)matching, paid time off, stock options, and personalized retirement plans maketech companies a great place to work.

4. Location Perks

The field of technology can be utilized by any business in the world. Thus,many tech companies offer the opportunity to choose your location. Technologyis a mobile career that can go where you go. Employees looking to choose theirlocation or work from home should look at tech companies that offer flexiblelocation perks.

5. Innovation Implementation

The ability to apply your creativity is one of the most important tech companyemployee benefits. In fact, companies that implement employee innovations totheir practices are more successful than those who do not work towardsinnovation. An Arizona-based company that empowers employees to think big andachieve their dreams is Infusionsoft. Ultimately, financial benefits andpromotions are awarded to those who are driven to grow. A tech company that isexcited about employee ideas is a great place to build your career.

6. Vacation Benefits

We don’t have to convince you that vacation days are a benefit. Vacation daysare a welcomed break from stress. At companies like GoDaddy and Markitors,employees are encouraged to take time away from work to recharge. Whether it’sa trip to Paris or a staycation at home, vacation perks make the top of ourlist of the best tech company employee benefits.

7. Time Away From Work

Coupled with vacation benefits, time away from work is an appealing perk.Everyone needs a break from work to enjoy life outside of their careers. Manytech companies such as Infusionsoft and GoDaddy encourage employees to take aday here and there for themselves. If the opportunity to recharge yourbatteries is important to you, consider a career at a tech company that offersthis perk.

9. Skill Development

The field of technology is always changing, so employees must be up-to-datewith new software and practices. Thus, many tech employers offer updatedtrainings and technology courses. At GoDaddy, employees will be reimbursed fortechnology-based courses. More so, employees can attend trainings to learnabout industry changes.

10. Industry Demand

Finally, the demand for industry professionals is constant. A benefit of acareer in technology is the fact that your experience can be utilized anywherein the world.If you would like to begin a career at one of Arizona’s best tech companies,visit us here to learn about open positions!

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