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25 Best Chicago Recruiting and Headhunting firms in 2021

Chicago has long been one of the most populous cities in the U.S., currentlyranking third. The city is also economically diverse, with a wide-rangingarray of employment opportunities for the people who call it home.However, Chicago’s dynamic environment also makes it one of the mostcompetitive labor markets in the United States, which can make it difficultfor employers to find the qualified candidates they need.To help your company get the assistance it needs in finding those employees,we have compiled a list of 25 of the best recruiting and headhunting firms inChicago, categorized by general recruiting and five other importantindustries. * General recruiting * Technology * Healthcare * Executive * Sales * Finance

Premium Staffing, Inc.

When it comes to placements for top talent engineering professionals, few doit better than Premium Staffing, Inc. The company focuses on matching topengineering talent with the companies that need it, backed by a team withsolid engineering and manufacturing expertise and experience.

Healthcare Recruiting Specialists

Healthcare Recruiting Specialist bills itself as the “personal recruitingarm” for its clients. They pride themselves on finding the right medicaltalent for each client’s open positions, and a retention success rate of 94percent.

Creative Financial Staffing

Creative Financial Staffing calls itself the “best network for accountingand finance professional” and was founded by accounting agencies to meet thefinance industry’s need for top talent candidates. Its exclusive focus onfinance and accounting gives the agency unique insight into those industries.

Capstone Healthcare Staffing Â

Capstone Healthcare Staffing offers healthcare staffing solutions fortemporary, permanent, or contract needs. Their team matches top medical talentto the hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers who need them.

Ultimate Staffing Services

Ultimate Staffing Services prides itself on helping companies in Austin locatethe top talent they need, with a relentless commitment to providing qualitycandidates and quality services each and every day.

Evins Medical Staffing

Evins Medical Staffing and Evins Personnel Consultants provide companies andhealthcare personnel in Austin with job placement services in both the medicaland dental health sectors.

Reliable Staffing

Reliable Staffing helps find employment solutions for job candidates andcompanies in the healthcare, warehouse, construction, education, and otherindustries throughout the Dallas area.

GTN Technical Staffing

GTN Technical Staffing specializes in information technology, matching thebest talent in the field with the Dallas area’s top companies. It offersscalable staffing and recruitment solutions in IT, cybersecurity, and digitalservices.

Wlodawsky Professional Staffing Services

Wlodawsky Professional Staffing Services offers both executive search andcustomized contract solutions for industries like accounting and finance. Itworks closely with client companies and applicants to ensure the best matchbased on the company’s culture and the candidate’s skills, personality,and other qualifications.

Premier Talent Partners

Premier Talent Partners believes in problem-solving – whether it’sfulfilling a client company’s staffing needs or helping a job candidate findthe ideal position. It emphasizes matching talent to company culture, toensure long-term success for employers and job-seekers. This staffing agencyis a great place to look for a job if you’re in NYC.

Accur Recruiting Services

As a top NYC executive recruiting and headhunting firm, Accur RecruitingServices offers its clients access to top executive and middle managementtalent from across the U.S. and around the globe, in fields ranging fromdigital technology to media, trade, pharmaceuticals, and more.

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